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       JUNE BO was established in Paris, France in 2013. The brand never randomly follows the trend, but puts importance on women’s inner development. It helps women to be more stylish and more confident.


      Staying away from redundant designs clean and neat cut plus high quality material celebrate women’s beautiful silhouettes with a taste of romantic Parisian elegance and class. Besides, with the perfect combination of oriental and occidental elements, we are able to express our core philosophy.


Founder’s Story



      June BO, a Chinese designer grew up in Paris, France. With the deep understanding of elegance and sexiness, June created tons of popular pieces for clientele when she was in charge of her family enterprise.


        In 2013, she launched her own clothing line under her name in Paris. Based on two main elements: fabric & tailoring. “I was enlightened by my grandmother and mother who sew clothes since I was little. And the western styled interior design of my grandma’s house combined with traditional Chinese totems made me aware of mixed cultural feel.” Chinese opera’s costumes hand made with high quality silk in bold color blocks inspires her and guides her to return to Hangzhou, one of the most renowned spots on the Silk Road in China, to find old-fashion crafted silk in order to make “made in China” proud! Every piece perfectly combines freshness and passion!